We help businesses protect the everyday

Innovation is at the core of what we do

When we started out in 1997, we knew that technology could break down barriers and broaden perspectives. Our very first IP-based video surveillance system was true to that belief. It gave customers more flexibility, scalability, and ease of use. It empowered our users to do more.

Life is better when things go smoothly

Today, we’re still focused on delivering innovation that makes life work better. As the industry leader in IP-based security solutions, it’s our aim to minimize the unknown. We build resilient, connected solutions that help businesses protect, understand, and enhance the world around them. Our solutions go beyond security. They provide operational insights that allow people to improve their business and master their environment.




Relationships are vital to our business

We work closely with partners and customers on six continents to develop solutions that are both adaptable and enduring. It’s through ongoing collaboration that we’re able to create solutions that move people, businesses, and governments forward— and ultimately, that helps to enhance the everyday.

We want to protect the flow of everyday life. We do this by helping organizations around the globe improve their business intelligence and operational awareness.

Our customers and partners rely on us because our forward-thinking technology gives them peace of mind while helping them do more. We earn their respect and loyalty by staying open to collaboration and committing to service, quality, clarity, and value.

We remain entrepreneurial, no matter our size

While our headquarters are in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, our office locations span the globe: Mexico City, Sao Paolo, Dusseldorf, Paris, Dubai, Tokyo, and Singapore. And no matter where our employees are, the energy of our innovative culture persists. That’s because everything we do centers around our founding core values:

  • Delivering quality products and support to our customers and partners
  • Ensuring the well-being and development of our employees
  • Conducting ourselves and our business practices with integrity
  • Innovating with cutting-edge information technology
  • Improving the quality of life through social responsibility

1,200+ employees

20+ years of innovation

13,000+ customers

"At Genetec we are not motivated by the financial rewards, we are motivated by the creative process. We have managed to find a whole bunch of people who think the same way.”


Pierre Racz, President, Genetec


languages spoken by our employees

13 x

times we have been named one of ‘Montreal’s Top Employers’


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