Forging a community of sales partners to protect the everyday

The ability to both capture new opportunities and profit from your existing customer base is key. Through the Genetec Channel Partner Program, we work with you to improve margins during your initial sale and to maintain profitability over time.

We foster a level of commitment beyond sales partnership by providing unparalleled access to Genetec R&D, which helps to drive our development. We see our partners as more than a sales multiplier; you represent us daily in the field and together we work to foster customer retention through innovation and service excellence.

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About the program

The Genetec Channel Partner Program offers protected territory access, a fair discount structure, valuable benefits, and a commitment to fostering growth. We provide partners with comprehensive support, including the option for SDK-certification. And we also award co-op credits for outstanding sales performance to be used for demand generation, certification training, and channel marketing support that help promote the success of your business. See our brochure for program details.

Program Outline

Program outline

Based on a tiered approach, the Genetec Channel Partner Program allows us to work with partners to provide customers in over 80 countries with safer, more secure environments—on-premises, in the cloud, or as a hybrid solution.

We have 2 categories of channel partners: systems integrators (SIs) and distributors. SIs are resellers who sell directly to end users. Distributors resell to SIs and end users. Both are assigned status in the program based on regional and/or vertical sales volume and technical certification requirements. As you increase your status in the program, you become eligible for additional benefits, including co-op credits, marketing and demand generation support, priority access to technical support, access to advanced certifications, and access to Genetec R&D.

For more information, please download our brochure.

Benefits and requirements

The Genetec™ Channel Partner Program recognizes and rewards outstanding sales performance, experience, loyalty, and advocacy. Engaged partners who achieve accredited status have the opportunity to stand out as being amongst the most innovative and skilled security solution providers in the industry.

 Below is an overview of program components that showcases the progression we hope our partners will take as we grow together. For more information, please contact us.

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