Genetec SDK and Development Acceleration Program (DAP): from ideas to applications

With Genetec Security Center, you have the ability to expand your security platform by integrating additional systems and adding custom functionalities. Our development tools provide varying levels of access to the core technologies within Security Center. You can opt for complete video surveillance, access control, intrusion detection, and automatic license plate recognition function calls through a single software development kit (SDK) or by selecting a smaller package that suits your needs.

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1. Choose the right tools

Depending on the nature of your integration and the interaction required with our suite of products, you will require one of the two SDK packages: Standard or Extended. Both SDK packages are free of charge and provide feature-rich content allowing to develop multiple applications around our platform.


SDK Packages

Security Center Platform SDK
Security Center Workspace SDK
Security Center Macro SDK
Security Center Web SDK
Security Center Media SDK

The Security Center Software Development Kit (SDK) includes:

  • Libraries, code samples, tutorials, and documentation
  • Security Center, full-featured, not for resale license and development license

For more details on our SDK packages, you can read the SDK FAQ or watch the SDK Tutorial on the DAP Resource Center.

2. Tailor the collaboration with the DAP

The Development Acceleration Program (DAP) is designed to encourage the most effective adoption of our tools and create value-added integrations. We provide complementary services and support to make it convenient for developers and integrators to develop solutions across a broad range of vertical industries and compliance initiatives.

The DAP is supported by developers that work exclusively on the Genetec platform and SDK applications with customers and technical implementation specialists.

Partnership tiers

We offer 3 membership levels ranging from self-service through our forums and documentation, to a full-service partnership to assist with getting your applications certified and distributed via our program.


With our Bronze partnership tier, you can develop your integration using a complete set of self-service resources: access to the SDK package, documentation, tutorials and code samples, all accessible through the DAP Resource Center. You can also collaborate with our SDK experts via GTAP.


If you require stronger collaboration with us and wish to gain access to our online community, the Silver partnership tier allows you to directly benefit from our technical expertise to create a Genetec-labeled integration and attain certification.


Our Gold partners meet rigorous business model, technology, and integration criteria. Their solutions are handpicked by Genetec and marketed alongside our core products. This is our top partnership tier and is accessible by invitation only.

For more information on the DAP, please contact or visit our DAP Resource Center:

3. Develop your application

Once you have obtained your appropriate DAP status, received the SDK development license and download links, you may begin the development of your integration with Security Center using the Generic Development Certificate included in the SDK package.

A. Install

Install the Security Center Software from the SDK download links and consult the SDK help file documentation for SDK capabilities and functionalities.

B. Activate

Activate your development license which natively includes a Generic Development Certificate and SDK connections for development only.

C. Contact us

Once your integration is complete, please contact to receive the Production Certificate that will uniquely identify your application on a Security Center production system.

4. Validate your application

Once your development is complete and ready for testing and deployment, you will need to request a Production Certificate. This production Certificate will replace the Generic Development Certificate that was supplied in the SDK package.

Please contact at least 2 weeks prior to deployment. You will be asked to submit a technical note and to present a demo of your integration for validation before you can receive a Production Certificate.

A. Technical note

You will be required to submit a technical note detailing your integration with Security Center, its features and its purpose. You will be provided with a template once you have requested the Production Certificate.

B. Demonstration

You will be asked to present a demo of your integration to be validated by our team. An appointment will be set once you have submitted the technical note.

C. Certification

If you are eligible for certification through your DAP status, we will coordinate the certification process, allowing our experts to review the outcomes of the integration, gauge the end to end value, give you tips and recommendations for improvements and label your integration as Genetec Certified. This is the first step to actively promote and distribute your application and pursue joint opportunities with us.

For more details on the certification process, please visit our FAQ section or contact

5. Deploy in production

Once your integration has been validated by our team, you will be issued a unique Part Number & Production Certificate that is specific to your integration. This Production Certificate must be included within your application for deployment. In order for an end user to use your application on a production system, the specific SDK Part Number will need to be purchased.

*More information on deploying your certificates can be found in the SDK help file included with the SDK package
**SDK Production Part Number: The Production Part Number contains one SDK connection by default. In general, one SDK connection is consumed each time an application connects to the Directory.

A. Production certificate

In order to test and deploy your integration on a production Security Center system, a unique Production Certificate and part number will need to be obtained from our team.

B. Demo license

As part of the SDK package, you have the option to obtain a new demo license containing your specific part number to test your integration outside of the development environment.

C. Deployment

The end user or system integrator must purchase the required number of SDK Part Numbers specific to your integration from Genetec. The Part Number will be added to the license by our customer service department. The certificate is to be included in the application or otherwise deployed by the partner.

Technical assistance

If you are eligible to technical assistance through your DAP status, you can open a case through the Technical Assistance section of the Genetec Portal for assistance throughout the development process. If the technical issue is related to a development done using our SDK, it will be escalated to the appropriate team for resolution. Only partners with a valid SDK Assistance Contract (DAP members) can access SDK Assistance. For SDK-related issues, please be ready to provide your SDK Assistance Contract Number.

Development vs. Production certificate


When partners receive the SDK tool, all samples include a Generic Development Certificate and Part Number that can only be used on the SDK development system. These are NOT valid on a production system.

N.B. The Development Certificate must be used for development purposes only, and should be included in your application to connect to Security Center.The Development Certificate will be replaced by the official Production Certificate prior to deployment.


The unique Production Part Number & Production Certificate specific to the partner integration is issued by Genetec to the partner. This Certificate is to be embedded within the application by the partner. The Part Number is to be added by Genetec to any Production System requiring this SDK integration. It is NOT valid on the SDK development system.