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The AutoVu™ automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) system automates license plate reading and identification, making it easier for law enforcement and for municipal and commercial organizations to locate vehicles of interest and enforce parking restrictions. Designed for both fixed and mobile installations, the AutoVu system is ideal for a variety of applications and entities, including law enforcement, municipal, and commercial organizations.

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Automatically identify vehicles

Vehicle entering an AutoVu secured parking lot

Extend the Boundaries of Your Security System

The AutoVu ALPR system automatically identifies and tracks vehicles accessing your facilities. Unified with video surveillance and access control through Security Center, the AutoVu system expands the reach of your security platform to the edge of your facility, allowing you to secure and monitor areas previously left unprotected such as parking lots, ultimately leading to a more comprehensive security approach.

ALPR Customer with mobile cameras installed on top of patrolled car at UBC

Enforce All Parking Rules Simultaneously

As the heart of license plate-enabled parking enforcement, the AutoVu ALPR system brings together a broad ecosystem of payment and parking enforcement partners. The AutoVu system can be tailored to a wide variety of parking deployments with mobile or fixed cameras for on-street and off-street enforcement. With powerful dedicated wheel imaging technology for digital chalking and shared-permit enforcement, you can now capture valuable data to decrease ticket disputes and increase compliance, while identifying scofflaws that frequent your facility.

SharpX license plate camera installed on police car

Protect Your Community

Incorporate ALPR data from multiple sources across your city or region to centralize law enforcement investigations and maximize the impact of your system. The AutoVu ALPR system lets you manage all of your hotlists from one system and decide whether to share plate reads or hits beyond your organizational boundaries. Advanced features, including Federation™ and covert hotlists, empower your organization to enlist the aid of other AutoVu systems without compromising the safety or privacy of their staff and clients.

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Key features

Insight That Goes Beyond ALPR

The AutoVu ALPR system offers features that heighten accuracy and increase operator efficiency. In addition, ALPR reads are augmented with context images, time stamps, and GPS coordinates and can include wheel images for strict time-limited parking enforcement. By providing this contextual data, the AutoVu system helps resolve investigations faster and reduces ticketing disputes.

Unification for Greater Situational Awareness

Manage your ALPR needs from a single unified security platform so you can seamlessly link ALPR reads to video and access control events. You can then use ALPR events to trigger actions and alarms across your entire security system. The Security Center platform allows you to investigate events across systems and provides unparalleled reporting capabilities.

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Consistent high accuracy reads

SharpV camera

SharpV: Affordable, Highly Precise and Easy to Install

The AutoVu SharpV is an all-in-one specialized automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) device which combines two high-definition cameras with onboard processing and illumination in a ruggedized, environmentally sealed unit. Whether monitoring parking or augmenting security, the SharpV is built to read license plates and stream contextual video simultaneously within Security Center.

AutoVu SharpX Camera

SharpZ3: Machine learning-powered mobile ALPR system

Look beyond the license plate with the AutoVu SharpZ3 mobile ALPR system. Built to unlock the power of machine learning, it combines high license plate reading accuracy with vehicle and situational awareness analytics to unlock new insights into the vehicles in your city or on your premises.


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