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Video is a valuable tool to help investigators review events and solve crimes. However, the increase in digital evidence captured by surveillance systems, body-worn cameras, and the public also presents new challenges to the investigation process.

Genetec Clearance™ is a digital evidence management system that facilitates collaboration between agencies, corporate security departments, and the public – all to help you close cases faster.

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Why use an investigation management system?

Review and share your evidence from one app

The growing amount of digital evidence has made it increasingly complex for stakeholders to review information related to a case. Sharing video and multimedia can be a time-consuming process that delays an investigation and increases the risk of evidence being missed.

With Genetec Clearance, you can grant immediate access to evidence at the click of a button, and ensure information is only shared with authorized individuals. All of your cases and files can be managed from a single application to help organizations reduce the cost inherent to copying evidence to DVDs and shared drives. Best of all, there are no file size restrictions when uploading files to Genetec Clearance. Video is automatically converted to a browser-friendly format, avoiding the need for recipients to download and install standalone video players.

Keep your cases confidential

Organizations mandate strict guidelines for how evidence is controlled, as the mishandling of sensitive data can lead to fines, and for cases to even be dismissed in courts. Still, many continue to rely on USBs to store and distribute digital evidence, despite the risk of the data being lost or stored insecurely.

As a trusted provider of security solutions for a number of government agencies and high-profile public and private organizations worldwide, Genetec takes data security very seriously. Genetec Clearance undergoes annual 3rd party security audits and penetration tests and is certified with the ISO27001:2013 information security standard. To ensure alignment with our clients’ security standards, all data transferred to Genetec Clearance is encrypted. Organizations can configure their access control policies to ensure cases are only accessible by authorized individuals. Additionally, all user actions are preserved in the system’s audit trails to maintain chain of evidence, and can easily be reviewed by administrators when required.

Streamline your video request process

The camera registry module in Genetec Clearance™ simplifies the video request process and improves collaboration between businesses and public safety agencies in their community. Organizations can share a registry of the cameras they’ve deployed - including surveillance cameras, body cameras, and in-car recorders - to allow authorized users to rapidly identify and request the video from camera sources of interest.

Share video from public and privately-owned cameras to help investigators resolve incidents and close cases faster.

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Reduce your costs

Spend less time and money on evidence management

Sharing video evidence during an investigation can cost over $100 per request. Time is spent tracking down evidence, completing exports, burning DVDs, and sending evidence to the final recipients.

Find out how much you could be saving by using the digital evidence cost calculator!

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Extend your capabilities under a single platform

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New cases/month 100 200 600 1,000
Storage (GB) 1,500 3,000 7,500 15,000
Number of Users   Unlimited    
Video Redaction
Mobile app
Genetec Clearance Plugin
for Security Center
Support & Software
Active Directory/SSO Integration*
API Access
Camera Registry  
eDiscovery Receipt
Extended Video Format Library



* Organizations can federate their Active Directory (AD) user identities through Microsoft Azure Active Directory or any provider supporting the OpenID Connect standard.

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Customer success stories

Putnam City Schools

“We used to spend a lot of time burning copies of evidence and delivering them to whoever needed it. We didn’t realize how out-of-date that process was until we started using Genetec Clearance.”

© Mark Stout, Chief of Police, Putnam City School

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University of Texas at Arlington

University of Texas at Arlington

“Genetec Clearance keeps the evidence clean. It’s not tied to our entire department’s file storage, so there are fewer worries of file corruption or ransomware.”

© Maxx Kidd, Associate Director of Technology, UTA Police Department

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Lee Health

“Genetec Clearance allows us to dictate storage with every incident that happens within the organization. We can then easily share the video with our internal teams or external agencies in an efficient and secure manner.”

© Sean Owens, Director of Security Technology & Non-Acute Care, Lee Health

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