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Genetec Stratocast™ makes video surveillance a breeze. It’s a cloud-based video monitoring system that lets you view live and recorded video from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. The service is easy to install, requires minimal upkeep and helps secure your data so you know your business is safe, and your operations are running smoothly, wherever you are.

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Top 5 reasons why customers choose Stratocast

1. Less hardware to manage

Have you lost video recordings due to faulty hardware? Are you fed up with managing DVRs or NVRs? Get your system up and running in minutes with the Stratocast true cloud video management system (VMS).

2. Maintenance and updates are included

Because Stratocast is fully hosted in the cloud, we manage all software maintenance and automatically deploy any security patches and upgrades so you can take advantage of the latest features.

3. Lower upfront costs

Sign up for a predictable monthly fee with no surprises. Did we mention that support is also included? Well, it is!

4. It's easy to scale

Add or remove cameras as your system changes and pay only for what you need. Select the resolution and storage that meets your business needs.

5. Always secure

All communications are encrypted from your camera to the cloud. And since the video is stored in the cloud, it’s safe against hardware defects, theft, and vandalism.

What’s new

Keep an eye on your business 24/7

Scheduled push notifications

One minute you’re in a meeting, the next, you glance at your phone and see a long list of alerts. Which do you view first? Which can you afford to ignore? Stratocast can help you prioritize alerts and only send you notifications when you chose to receive them.

Dual recording

Dual recording

No internet? No problem! We know how painful it is to lose video due to a poor internet connection. To help you avoid this we’ve added a dual recording feature that stores video on a camera’s SD card in the event of an unstable internet connection.

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We’re open

Most true cloud VMS providers lock you into closed, proprietary systems. Stratocast doesn’t. We’re committed to maintaining our open architecture and support a variety of cameras. We continue to add support for the latest camera technology to bring you more choice and flexibility. You may even be able to use your existing cameras with Stratocast.

Who can benefit

Distributed enterprises

Monitor remote locations from your headquarters.


Combine public and private cameras in a single system to protect your community.

Small businesses

Keep an eye on your business wherever you go with a simple, cost-effective solution.


Pick the plan that’s right for you. Note that you can mix and match plans on a per camera basis.

Max resolution 1280x720 1920x1080 1920x1080
Max frame rate 5 FPS 10 FPS 15 FPS
7 recording days*
10 user accounts*
Support and updates

*Additional storage and user options are available upon request.

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