Build your system on a strong foundation

Your infrastructure is the backbone of your security system.  It ensures your system achieves its full potential and is protected from external threats, so you can protect your people, customers and assets. Streamvault is a complete line of secure, ready-to-deploy security infrastructure solutions that help you design a system to meet your unique project requirements. Pre-validated and pre-loaded with Security Center, our unified software platform, Streamvault appliances simplify deployment and maintenance and offer a clear path to unify your security operations. 

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Why choose Streamvault

Streamline deployment and maintenance

Streamline deployment and maintenance

Each Streamvault appliance is pre-loaded with Security Center and optimized for your operations. Built-in configuration wizards help you speed up system deployment, while tools to both monitor system health and keep your system up to date reduce maintenance time and costs. And with a single point of contact for support, deployment and case resolution are much easier.

Protect your system against external threats

Protect your system against external threats

Streamvault solutions reduce your exposure to cyber threats. Each unit is pre-hardened and meets the latest cybersecurity standards. With over 200 pre-configured security settings out of the box and best practices enforcement, you get a standardized level of protection. Our simple point-and-click hardening tools help you rapidly secure units in the field against new vulnerabilities.

Design with confidence

Design with confidence

Every appliance is tested to its limits and their performance is guaranteed. This eliminates guesswork and lowers your organization's risk, letting you focus on designing a system that will meet your unique project requirements. It's made even easier with our unified approach that provides seamless interoperability between your core systems, reducing your footprint and total cost of ownership.

All-in-one appliances

100E Series

100 Series

Ideal for securing smaller spaces and remote sites, these appliances can be deployed as standalone security systems or as part of a larger, multi-site system. They come with our unified Security Center platform pre-installed, simplifying deployment, operations and training.  

Guaranteed performance 

  • Up to 16 cameras
  • Up to 16 readers
  • Up to 2TB internal storage
300E & 350E Series

300 Series

Move to a unified system combining video surveillance, access control, intrusion, and communications more efficiently. Available in standard and hybrid configurations and offer RAID storage capabilities. They allow you to leverage your existing security investment and transition to IP at your own rhythm. 

Guaranteed performance 


  • Up to 50 IP or analog cameras 
  • Up to 100 readers 
  • Up to 48TB internal storage

Rackmount appliances

1000E Series

1000 Series

Our entry-level rackmount appliances are tailored for mid-sized, non-mission critical system deployments. They help you move to a unified security platform, combining video surveillance, access control, ALPR, communications and analytics in a single appliance.

Guaranteed performance 

  • Up to 570 Mbps total throughout
  • Up to 75 ALPR cameras or 2000 readers 
  • Up to 196 TB raw storage 
2000E Series

2000 Series

Designed for mission-critical deployments, these appliances provide higher performance and reliability. They support more devices and storage without sacrificing your budget. With redundant storage and power supply, they are the solution of choice for applications looking for scalability.  

Guaranteed performance 

  • Up to 2,100 Mbps total throughput  
  • Up to 75 ALPR cameras or 2,000 readers 
  • Up to 416 TB raw storage 


4000E Series

4000 Series

Deploy a unified system with increased resilience. SAS storage helps protect your system against data loss and provide a more fluid experience. These appliances let you unify security across large installations and simplify the deployment and expansion of your system. They excels in applications where security is mission-critical.  

Guaranteed performance 

  • Up to 2,100 Mbps total throughput  
  • Up to 75 ALPR cameras or 2000 readers 
  • Up to 416 TB raw storage
7000E Series

7000 Series

Grow your operations seamlessly with these scalable high end solutions. Built to combine large amounts of high-resolution cameras, users, and events, these rackmount appliances meet your most demanding needs. They deliver best-in-class performance and with server-side load balancing and expandable storage. 

Guaranteed performance 

  • Up to 2,400 Mbps total throughput  
  • Up to 2,000 readers 
  • Up to 1 PB raw storage 
  • Expandable SAN or NAS storage 

Analytics appliances

100E Series - Analytics


The SVA-100E is a compact appliance that lets you enhance your security system easily with KiwivisionTM Video Analytics. Its optimized design lets you apply more analytics streams to your video surveillance system, whether that is a single or multiple analytic stream per camera. 

Video analytics performance 

  • Up to 28 privacy protection streams
  • Up to 16  object detection or stopped vehicle detection streams 
  • Up to 8 perimeter protection, area protection or detection streams
1000E & 2000E Series - Analytics


The SVA-1000E/2000E reduces the cost of deploying video analytics with its optimized design and turnkey deployment. Designed as expansion appliances, they simplify system design and offer a cost-effective way to manage and analyze a high volume of streams without disrupting day-to-day operations. 

Video analytics performance

  • Up to 75 privacy protection streams 
  • Up to 35  object detection or stopped vehicle detection streams 
  • Up to 23 perimeter protection, area protection or detection streams 


300E Series - Workstation

300 Series Workstation

Opt for a versatile security workstation that provides enough power for fluid live and recorded high-definition video viewing, and support for multiple displays. Its compact tower form factor makes it equally suitable for operator desks, administrative offices or retail stores. 

Guaranteed performance 

  • Display up to 42 simultaneous HD video streams 
  • Connect up to 8 monitors 
500E Series - Workstation

500 Series Workstation

Designed to deliver smooth playback and very high-resolution video on 4K monitors and video walls, our workstations leverage Security Center GPU-accelerated decoding. They are a solution of choice for locations with limited spaces. 

Guaranteed performance 

  • Display up to 64 simultaneous HD video streams 
  • Connect up to 8 monitors 
  • Rackmount or tower form factor 

Find the right model for your project

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