Security that evolves with you

The financial industry has traditionally been plagued by silos, with many still using aging legacy systems. As new threats emerge and customer needs evolve, your security system needs to do more than safeguard people, assets, and data. It needs to provide the foundation to evolve with you to meet future growth.

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Security challenges in the banking and financial industry

Evolving threat landscape

Evolving threat landscape

Banks and financial institutions are increasingly targeted by cybercriminals, costing them on average $18.5 million per company. As you embrace new technologies to protect your sensitive data, you risk introducing new vulnerabilities. A single weak spot can serve as a gateway to your data, such as unencrypted communication or a poorly secured camera. You need a system designed with security in mind from the ground up — one that empowers you with the right tools to build a strong physical and cybersecurity strategy.

Enhance operations across teams

Enhance operations across teams

Upgrading to a modern system can be extremely costly, and these decisions now involve more teams than ever before. As you leverage technology to help mitigate risk, your system of choice needs to provide clear efficiency and scalability gains across multiple departments to secure company buy-in. That’s why you need a security system that provides operational insights to optimize efficiency across teams, from IT to operations.

Make sense of data

Make sense of data

As branches move away from transactional interactions to serve as financial advisors, customers now expect a frictionless and secure experience across branches. But to enhance the customer experience, you first need to understand it, and this requires data. But how can you make sense of your data if it’s silod in different systems that weren’t designed to work together? You need a security solution that helps you make sense of data to derive actionable insights.

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Central location

Does your team have one central touchpoint for monitoring, reporting and granting access rights?


Is finding and sharing evidence a logistical nightmare, involving multiple tools and touchpoints?


Are you able to bring in new tools as you need them? Or is your IT team losing time and money maintaining and upgrading parallel systems that we’re designed to work together?

The banking and financial portfolio of unified security solutions

Security Center is the unified security platform from Genetec that effectively blends IP-security systems across banking branches and financial institution locations in one platform. Combine your video monitoring, access control, license plate recognition, intrusion detection, and analytics under one single platform, allowing you to scale your investment and bring in the newest tools as you need them.
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The banking and financial portfolio of unified security solutions

Security Center Omnicast

The Security Center Omnicast™ IP video management system (VMS) gives you a clear picture of events and ensures constant video surveillance across corporate and branch locations. Security Center Omnicast supports a wide range of VMS hardware manufacturers, giving you the freedom to choose your hardware.
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Security Center Synergis

The Security Center Synergis™ IP access control system provides full control over your access points and secured areas. Ensure the unimpeded flow of customers and personnel with built-in failover and P2P communication, for a seamless experience.
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Security Center AutoVu

The Security Center AutoVu™ automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) system automates license plate reading and identification. Extend your security network range to previously unprotected areas, making it easier for your facility to securely monitor ATM and drive-up teller transactions.
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Solutions for energy & utilities


Security Center Intrusion Monitoring

Contextualize intrusion alarms with live video to empower your operators to make decisions based on a more complete view of your security environment. Intrusion events are tagged with video to reduce false alarms and optimize your security response. Learn more about Security Center Intrusion Monitoring.

Genetec Stratocast™

Centrally monitor your branch and corporate buildings, as well as remote ATMs, from a single location with Genetec Stratocast™. The cloud-based video monitoring solution eliminates hardware and maintenance costs while reducing the risk of failure. Learn more about Genetec Stratocast.

Security Center Transaction Finder

Combine ATM transactions with associated video to quickly identify suspicious behavior, such as skimming, happening across your branch locations with Security Center Transaction Finder. Filter out the noise to prioritize the most suspicious behavior and enhance your team’s efficiency. Learn more about Security Center Transaction Finder.


Solutions for energy and utilities


Genetec ClearID

Automate and centrally manage the access rights of employees, visitors, and contractors, using dynamic workflows for more seamless movement throughout your corporate buildings and banking branches. With ClearID™, you can avoid security breaches caused by privileged credential abuse, by making sure only the right people have access to the right data. Learn more about Genetec ClearID.

Genetec Clearance

Use Genetec Clearance™ to securely collect, manage, and share digital evidence from different branch locations with law enforcement and auditors. Using one single application, you can also redact the identity of bystanders to comply with privacy protection acts. Learn more about Genetec Clearance.

Genetec Mission Control

Guide your security operators through security and safety incidents using dynamic SOPs with Genetec Mission Control. By collecting data from thousands of sensors and security devices, the decision management system can also filter out false alarms to prioritize efforts. Learn more about Genetec Mission Control.

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Supporting your team

Security Operations Supervisor

Physical Security Manager

Ensures delivery of open-architecture security technology whether on-premises, in the cloud, or hybrid solutions.

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Senior Fraud/Data Analyst

Senior Fraud/Data Analyst

Speed up investigations and maximize team productivity by validating ATM transactions much quicker.

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IT Manager

IT Manager

Continuously update and display the system’s compliance with cybersecurity standards using a unified platform.

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GSOC Manager

GSOC Manager

Centrally monitor branch and corporate locations and optimize response to alarms with a unified view of security environment.

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