Building safer cities for the future.

Safe cities attract businesses, foster innovation, and provide countless opportunities. With city populations on the rise, urban planners, municipal governments, and businesses have to make important decisions about safety and security. By working collaboratively, we can lay the groundwork that will ensure the continued success of our cities and their citizens.

Citywide Surveillance

Improve emergency preparedness

Improve emergency preparedness

Maintaining a safe, secure environment is the top concern of every city. A cornerstone of keeping cities and citizens safe is the ability to respond quickly when unplanned events or natural disasters occur. By implementing emergency management solutions that facilitate public-private partnerships, cities can help stakeholders proactively assess and prepare for emergency situations in education, public utility, and other municipal areas.

Increase situational awareness

Increase situational awareness

When it comes to ensuring public safety, and maintaining a secure environment, having a complete picture can make all the difference. Providing security and law enforcement with greater situational awareness is crucial. Cities need a solution that allows public organizations to grant police departments full system access to view cameras or lockdown facilities in order to respond to threats effectively.

Enhance operational efficiency

Enhance operational efficiency

Today, cities have more people, assets, and information in motion than ever before. Without a comprehensive strategy, our urban environments run the risk of becoming inefficient places to live and work, which can lead to lost productivity, reduced quality of life, and increased crime. Cities require a solution that effectively and intelligently manages multiple aspects of daily life, including traffic, transportation, and infrastructure.

"When we are able to show that the video surveillance system serves to not only help police and deter crime, but also deliver more benefits to public safety, traffic management and the whole city, it’s easier to get people to get buy-in on the project, either through financial funds or general support; and that is exactly what we have been able to do with the Genetec Omnicast VMS. We are extremely satisfied with the system and would recommend it to anyone,”


Barry Whitton, Computer Systems Analyst at Cincinnati Police Department Technology and Systems Section

Solutions for cities

Comprehensive unified security

A comprehensive security platform combining video surveillance, access control, and automatic license plate recognition that gives you the ability to work smarter by providing enhanced situational awareness, improved operational efficiency and increased productivity. Learn more about Genetec Security Center.

Unified mobility operations

Identify incidents, communicate detours, and coordinate responses faster by unifying your traffic systems, video surveillance, and incident response from a single platform. Learn more about Genetec Traffic Sense™.

Collaborative investigation management 

Allow police officers, investigators, and security managers to gather digital evidence from a variety of sources and then easily store, manage, review, and share it from within a single application. Learn more about Genetec Clearance™.

Comprehensive response coordination

Build a deeper, data-driven understanding of what’s happening in your city. An effective public safety strategy requires more collaboration and connectivity between agencies, cities and the private sector. Learn more about Genetec Citigraf™.

Building safer cities 

With a framework that facilitates public-private collaboration, you can build ties between stakeholders and encourage community-driven solutions that work towards common goals, including public safety, economic growth, and operational efficiency. Learn more about Community Connect™.

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