Keeping our students safe

Educational institutions are responsible for creating positive learning environments. Studies confirm that teaching, research, and learning happen best when everyone feels safe. From kindergarten and high school to college and university, educational institutions require a proactive security solution that keeps students, staff, and faculty focused on greater academic achievement.

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Creating a better academic environment

Increase situational intelligence

Increase situational intelligence

Understanding all the factors of an emerging incident or event can help security personnel resolve situations quickly. However, as educational institutions increase in size and complexity, maintaining an all-encompassing view can be a challenge. You require a physical security system that provides security personnel with the information necessary to respond quickly and effectively to any situation.

Efficient Parking Management

Efficient Parking Management

Strong, ongoing parking enforcement policies help students and staff get where they need to be easily and on time. Using ALPR units to go gateless can improve customer service by helping you to track of off-street violations and lot occupancy in real-time. This allows you to improve compliance, reduce emissions from idling vehicles, and direct drivers to lots with open spaces.

Secure your entire campus

Secure your entire campus

Educational institutions can include multiple teaching facilities, research labs, dormitories, libraries, sports complexes, and parking lots. These can be collected in a single area or spread over multiple sites. A physical security system that unifies IP video surveillance, access control, and automatic license plate recognition within one intuitive solution can help security personnel keep your entire institution secure.

Bring your campus together with a unified card solution

Helping students feel secure

Provide an education-focused environment

Provide an education-focused environment

Creating the right environment for learning and growing is key for the continued success of students throughout their education. Disruptions can negatively impact learning by distracting students, derailing lesson plans, or, in the worst case, causing long-term trauma. You require a security solution that helps maintain a secure environment without intruding on the learning experience.

Facilitate community sharing

Facilitate community sharing

When an event or incident occurs at an educational institution, it is paramount that responders can act quickly and knowledgeably. Emergency preparedness includes establishing clear connections and communication pathways with law enforcement and other local authorities. Having the ability to provide responders with system access or video can significantly improve the outcome of any situation.

Manage the flow

Manage the flow

Students, teachers, parents, and service people move through our educational institutions every day. Identifying and counting each one is essential for maintaining security. You need a physical security system that enables you to establish and track access, lockdown a facility in an emergency, and integrate smoke, intrusion, and IoT alarms as well as gunshot detection technology.

"Genetec Clearance is an investigation management solution that keeps evolving to make processes more efficient and our tasks easier. And soon, we’ll no longer have to micromanage storage. This means our team can focus on what matters most– creating a safe and vibrant campus at UTA.”


Maxx Kidd, Associate Director of Technology, University of Texas at Arlington Police Department

Solutions for educational institutions

Comprehensive unified security

Increase safety and security at educational institutions by deploying a unified security system with easy system navigation and one-click threat level management. Learn more about Genetec Security Center.

Scalable video management

Uninterrupted views of camera feed and security alarms, as well as powerful search and reporting tools, allow security personnel to rapidly assess and respond to situations. Learn more about Security Center Omnicast™.

Complete access control

Maintain control over the circulation of people through your facilities by issuing cards to teachers and staff and checking-in visitors by assigning specific access privileges. Learn more about Security Center Synergis™.

Automatic license plate recognition

Enable security personnel to enforce parking, optimize management of traffic, and identify vehicles of interest with an ALPR that can also be deployed as a mobile solution on vehicles. Learn more about Security Center AutoVu™.

Intelligent incident management

Take control of problematic situations as they develop through automated workflows that provide step-by-step procedures and guidance to resolve any event or incident. Learn more about Genetec Mission Control™.

Collaborative investigation management 

Help to reduce the time and energy that security personnel spends on sorting, converting, and burning video surveillance footage simply to share it with law enforcement and other authorities. Learn more about Genetec Clearance™.

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The University of Hull secures and streamlines access to over 30 buildings on campus by upgrading to IP access control and unified security.

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Cornell University in New York, United States, upgrades to hosted parking enforcement solution to ensure peak system performance and to fully maximize resources.

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Hilton Central

New York school district completes a 3-year phased upgrade to Genetec Security Center with video surveillance and access control to better protect students and respond to events.

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