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Ensure safety and security, reduce costs and complexity, and enhance customer experience with a unified approach to casino security. With a single platform and user interface for video, access control, and license plate recognition (ALPR), your security team can focus on protecting your business instead of managing and maintaining multiple, disconnected systems.

Addressing the challenges of casino security

Detect and prevent theft

Detect and prevent theft

Keep track of everything that’s happening at the gaming tables with live, streaming video. Rewind, fast-forward, or zoom in for a closer look. Pinpoint the location of alarms at access control points. Identify suspicious transactions at point of sale and cash cages on a visual, interactive map-based interface. If there is an incident, quickly notify security staff on the floor with two-way audio.

Identify people of interest

Identify people of interest

Video surveillance systems can do more than enhance security. With video analytics such as facial recognition and automatic license plate recognition (ALPR), you can spot VIP clients or problem patrons as soon as they pull into the parking lot, so your staff can take appropriate action.

Future-proof your investment

Protect your investment

Choose the hardware that best suits your evolving requirements, without having to switch software or lock into a proprietary system. By supporting an ever-growing array of widely-deployed, non-proprietary, cameras, access control modules and electronic locks, our unified security platform safeguards the long-term viability of your investments.

"The system has been so user-friendly. A lot of our operators are self-taught and can navigate the system with ease. Finding video or information during our investigations has been quick and effortless."


Elgen Turner, Security Director, Stones Gambling Hall

Our solutions

Scalable video management

See uninterrupted views of camera feeds and security alarms. Assess situations with powerful search and reporting tools, so security personnel can rapidly respond to situations. Learn more about Security Center Omnicast™.

Complete access control

Maintain control over the circulation of people through your facility by issuing cards to casino staff, or assign specific access privileges to VIPs or other special clients. Learn more about Security Center Synergis™.

Map-based command and control

Visualize your security environment with interactive, graphical maps. Dynamically navigate through facilities and oversee all your cameras, doors, ALPR cameras, intrusion, and other security applications for complete, real-time coverage. Learn more about Plan Manager.

Automatic license plate recognition

Enable security personnel to enforce parking, optimize traffic management, and identify vehicles of interest, with an ALPR that can also be deployed as a mobile solution on vehicles. Learn more about Security Center AutoVu™.

Unified security and communications management

Facilitate collaboration among your security and surveillance teams by unifying intercom communications within Security Center. Learn more about Sipelia™ Communications Management. 


Genetec Customer - Stones Gambling Hall

Stones Gambling Hall

Stones Gambling Hall, a new premier card house in Sacramento, California, offers two licensed gaming facilities within one state-of-the-art facility protected by a single unified video surveillance and access control system.

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Genetec Customer - Sherwood Valley Rancheria Casino

Sherwood Valley Rancheria Casino

Sherwood Valley Rancheria Casino, a 9,000 sq. ft. Native American casino in Mendocino County, California, relies on an IP video management system (VMS) to keep up with gaming regulations and ensure the smooth operation of its gaming machines, card tables, and on-site café.

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