The future of parking enforcement

Enforcing parking by following routine patrol routes and manually checking vehicles for physical permits and parking violations can have a negative impact on compliance rates, customer experiences, and organizational operations. To decrease violations, improve compliance, and enhance public safety, you need to implement a solution that automates license plate reading and identification.

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How to increase compliance

Mobile parking enforcement

Mobile parking enforcement

For both on-street and off-street parking, you can significantly increase enforcement efficiency and improve compliance by using an automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) system. With an ALPR camera, mounted on an enforcement vehicle, that scans license plates, officers are alerted in real-time to parking violations or scofflaws.

“Gateless” off-street parking

“Gateless” off-street parking

When parking rules and permits are not properly enforced, you run the risk of lots filling up, leaving drivers with nowhere to go. To increase compliance, use ALPR units to keep track of off-street violations and lot occupancy in real-time. With this information, your parking enforcement officers will know exactly where to go to catch vehicles in violation. You will also be able to direct drivers to lots with open parking spaces, improving the flow of traffic in your cities.

Enhance customer service

PARCS (parking, access & revenue-control system)

Adding license plate readers to gated, paid parking systems is an effective way to improve customer service and prevent fraud. An ALPR solution allows you to track where people have parked, help customers who use long-term parking find their vehicles, check how long vehicles have been parked in your lots, and identify wanted and stolen vehicles as soon as they enter your facility.

Three ways ALPR improves parking

Make better decisions

Make better decisions

An ALPR system can help you implement a more comprehensive approach to parking management and make intelligent infrastructure investment decisions. With historical occupancy statistics for all your lots, you can use parking patterns to decide when to plan maintenance and where more parking spaces are required.

Increase parking enforcement efficiency

Increase parking enforcement efficiency

By automating license plate reading and identification, you can help your parking enforcement officers complete their patrols faster and enforce multiple parking rules simultaneously. Use the data captured by your ALPR system to define routes based on peak occupancy, target areas with low compliance, reduce ticketing disputes, and automatically identify scofflaws.

Support parking personnel

Support parking personnel

Municipalities and businesses can significantly enhance parking enforcement operations by using the data collected in an ALPR system to improve parking services and better manage enforcement routes. You can improve compliance by first identifying lots with the most vehicles in violation and then dispatching enforcement officers to those lots to issue tickets.

“In comparison to the old, manual system, the numbers speak for themselves. We are far more efficient at covering more ground, and our customer service continues to be enhanced.”


Bryan Greene, Parking Enforcement Supervisor, Transportation and Mobility Department, City of Fort Lauderdale

Solutions for parking enforcement

Automatic license plate recognition

Simplify parking enforcement and improve overall operations by identifying violations and scofflaws, maximizing route efficiencies, and reducing ticketing disputes. Learn more about Security Center AutoVu™.

Gateless parking

By tracking occupancy in real-time, you can increase parking enforcement efficiency and compliance and direct new vehicles to open spaces. You can also track occupancy over time to improve infrastructure investment decisions. Learn more about AutoVu Free-Flow.

Virtual permits

Identify violations and scofflaws and improve customer experience by moving to virtual permits with a complete pay-by-plate system that includes pay stations and mobile payment applications from a wide variety of providers. Learn more about pay-by-plate sync.

Simplified deployment

Significantly enhance and simplify parking enforcement by hosting your ALPR system in the cloud to eliminate installation and maintenance headaches. Learn more about AutoVu Managed Services.

Fixed and mobile cameras

Use specialized, fixed ALPR cameras to open gates based on license plate reads and to stream contextual video simultaneously. Use mobile ALPR cameras to provide high-accuracy reads and analytics accessible in-vehicle. Learn more about AutoVu Sharp cameras.

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