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Today’s public safety agencies are required to do more than simply react to situations-in-progress. In response to our communities’ evolving realities, public safety agencies must take a proactive approach to developing strategies for managing everyday operations, public events, and emergency situations.

Public safety stakeholders

Law enforcement agencies

Law enforcement agencies

Community policing requires cooperation among police, citizens, and decision-makers in order to forge public-private partnerships that combat criminal activity. By making better use of data and technology to increase transparency and break down informational barriers between law enforcement and citizens, communities can collaborate to identify needs and establish best practices to maintain public safety.

Emergency management

Emergency management

To protect our communities, emergency management has to keep their response teams well informed about situations-in-progress. They must coordinate first responders through a common framework and deploy tools that efficiently gather, analyze, and associate critical information in a timely manner. In this way, public safety agencies can optimize response times and help protect first responders in the field.

City government

City government

Maintaining public safety is a top priority for city government. To ensure the safety of its citizens, municipal governments must implement solutions that connect devices and coordinate communication across multiple agencies. With a common operating picture, city government can achieve a comprehensive understanding of daily operations, increase situational awareness, and optimize strategies to improve emergency preparedness.

Safeguarding our communities

Protect people, assets, and facilities

Protect people, assets, and facilities

Coordinating emergency management through a common framework provides insights and early warnings that better prepare frontline employees and first responders for situations-in-progress. A common operating picture can provide a complete view in your operations center and from in-vehicle terminals and can also allow you to display relevant information to your team in the field.

Improve operational efficiency

Improve operational efficiency

For public safety agencies, optimizing resource management requires coordinated communications across multiple city departments. Having access to a variety of data sources allows agencies to measure the effectiveness of new initiatives and interventions, train frontline employees, and optimize strategies to better prepare for potential threats.

Gain insights into your business and security environments

Gain insights & be more responsive to community needs

Making sense of data from different sources and technologies can be difficult. By creating Strategic Decision Support Centers (SDSCs) that are built using dedicated hardware and software solutions, agencies can tap into multiple data sources to quickly gain a complete picture of a situation, make better decisions, and be more responsive to the needs of their communities.

Learn how our SDSC technology helped Chicago reduce shootings by 70%

"When we are able to show that the video surveillance system serves to not only help police and deter crime, but also deliver more benefits to public safety, traffic management and the whole city, it’s easier to get people to get buy-in on the project, either through financial funds or general support."


Barry Whitton, Computer Systems Analyst at Cincinnati Police DepartmentTechnology and Systems Section

Solutions for public safety

Comprehensive response coordination

Work with a decision support system to address the emerging need for increased connectivity between the security and tactical systems of multiple agencies as well as for timely and correlated information. Learn more about Genetec Citigraf™.

Automatic license plate recognition

Improve monitoring and decision-making with a solution that helps law enforcement and commercial and municipal organizations optimize traffic flow and identify vehicles of interest. Learn more about Security Center AutoVu™.

Collaborative investigation management

Increase the effectiveness of your investigative processes in a cost-effective manner with a solution that facilitates collaboration between security departments, outside agencies, and the public. Learn more about Genetec Clearance™.

Build safer communities

Facilitate public-private collaboration with a framework that reinforces community policing and allows law enforcement, citizens, and decision-makers to work together to achieve public safety, economic growth, and operational efficiency. Learn more about Community Connect™.

Comprehensive unified security

Build a complete operating picture that provides public safety agencies with enhanced situational awareness, collaborative command and control, and cloud connectivity. Learn more about Genetec Security Center.

Intelligent incident management

Help public safety agencies define response strategies and contingency plans in advance by creating unique incident categories and automatic system responses with a powerful collaborative decision management system. Learn more about Genetec Mission Control™.

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Genetec Customer - City of Cincinnati Police Department

City of Cincinnati Police Department

The Queen City uses Omnicast™ video surveillance to quickly dispatch first responders and to provide access to video in the field.

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Genetec Customer - São Paulo

São Paulo

Microsoft partners with the government of São Paulo in Brazil to deploy a crime data aggregation and analysis platform called Detecta which leverages Genetec Security Center to link up hundreds of disparate video surveillance cameras under one unified system.

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Genetec Customer - City of Almere

City of Almere

8th Largest City in the Netherlands Merges Technology and Strategy in Citywide Expansion with Genetec Omnicast.

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