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Looking to deliver a positive visitor experience while ensuring safety and security in your venue? From stadiums and museums to amusement parks and festivals, a comprehensive security strategy requires effectively managing the flow of people in and around your venue. And, when interventions are necessary, you must be prepared to act quickly with minimal disruption.

Secure your venue inside and out

Unify your operations

Unify your operations

If you are navigating between multiple systems trying to make sense of data, know that there is a better way to analyze data from different sources. Managing all your security systems from within a single, intuitive interface helps you strike the right balance between providing your visitors with a positive experience and the safety of your venue. The result? A quick and effective response to incidents.

Manage your parking efficientl

Manage your parking efficiently

Effective parking management can improve the flow of traffic by helping you track lot occupancy in real-time and directing drivers to open spaces. It can also help you identify wanted and stolen vehicles as soon as they enter your parking areas.

Secure your perimeter

Secure your perimeter

Establish an effective security strategy that extends your reach to the perimeter. A physical security system that unifies IP video surveillance, access control, and automatic license plate recognition within one intuitive solution can help security personnel keep your entire venue secure.

Improve your operations

Resolve incidents quickly

Collaborate with local authorities

Keeping people safe requires forging relationships with public agencies, including law enforcement and first responders. By implementing emergency management solutions that facilitate public-private partnerships, you can help all stakeholders proactively assess and prepare for emergency situations and respond to threats effectively.

Track the flow of people

Track the flow of people

In addition to thousands of sports fans and concert goers, your staff, contract workers, and suppliers require access to your facilities on a daily basis. Maintaining a secure environment means ensuring that everyone has access to the right areas. To protect assets, maintain operational efficiency, and provide positive customer experiences, you require a solution that secures, manages, and tracks access to every area.

Increase situational intelligence

Increase situational intelligence

Maintaining an all-encompassing view of your environment can be a challenge. To effectively protect your venue, you need to coordinate your personnel through a common framework and deploy tools that efficiently gather, analyze, and associate critical information in a timely manner. With the right solutions, you can provide your security teams with the information they need to respond quickly and effectively to any situation.

“We can quickly identify issues around the stadium and dispatch security officers or customer service personnel to intervene. We are far more responsive, and that helps us ensure a positive guest experience.”


Mark McKinnon, Director of Operations, BB&T Ballpark

Our solutions

Unified security platform

Our unified physical security system enhances situational awareness and unifies command and control. Monitor all areas of your venue within one platform and respond quickly and effectively to incidents.

Video surveillance

Ensure complete video coverage from the seats to the perimeter. Supporting a wide range of cameras, our solution allows you to accurately visualize any part of your venue at the click of a button.

Access control

Heighten the security of your venue by restricting the access to critical areas. Our access control system allows you to assign access control permissions according to an individual’s role, manage the flow of people, and track access over time.

Automatic license plate recognition

Enable your security personnel to manage lot occupancy in real-time, identify vehicles of interest, and optimize traffic flow with our ALPR solution.

Multi-site monitoring

Collaborate with public agencies by enabling system access or providing video to ensure that law enforcement can act quickly and knowledgeably in response to an incident.

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Rugby Football Union Invests in Unified Security Solution to Enhance Operator Efficiency

Twickenham stadium

Twickenham Stadium, the headquarters of the Rugby Football Union (RFU), was selected as the host nation of the Rugby World Cup 2015. To secure the event, the Twickenham Stadium organizers turned to the unified IP security platform, Genetec Security Center.

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The National World War II Museum

The National World War II Museum

The National World War II Museum in New Orleans welcomes over 700,000 guests every year for tour exhibits and to hear first-hand accounts from war veterans and historians. Behind the scenes of the 6-acre campus, the security team ensures everything goes smoothly with unified video surveillance, access control, and intrusion detection.

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Charlotte Knights Stadium Invests in Unified Video Surveillance and Access Control

BB&T Ballpark

BB&T Ballpark is the new home to the Charlotte Knights, a Triple-A minor-league baseball team. The $55 Million baseball stadium unified video surveillance, access control and intrusion detection systems using Security Center to balance accessibility and security.

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