Avis Budget Group’s Canadian headquarters chooses Genetec for a unified automatic license plate recognition, access control and video surveillance solution. The automated system helps prevent theft by tracking both the vehicles and their drivers coming and going from its lots.

The company

Avis Budget Group is believed to be the largest general-use vehicle rental operator in North America. Last year, the car rental giant completed about 27 million vehicle rental transactions worldwide and derived an estimated 80% of their total annual revenue from on-airport locations. In Canada specifically, the Avis Budget Group is headquartered in Toronto where a large fleet of vehicles is kept in close proximity to service the on-airport location of Pearson International Airport and local greater Toronto branches.

The challenge

Vehicle theft became an ongoing concern for Avis Budget Group when it was discovered that certain vehicles that were leaving their Toronto lot were not coming back. To prevent future theft, the conglomerate needed more than the AutoVu™ automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) that they already had in place. Implementation of an advanced access control solution with integrated video surveillance was necessary to track the high-volume of drivers and vehicles coming and going.

“This entire system is so easy to use. It really enables us to find the information that we are looking for.”


Manager, Avis Budget Group


Today, AutoVu is deployed at two main Avis Budget Group Toronto locations: their Canadian headquarters and their Dixon road maintenance facility, located just outside the airport. Each site has two lanes of traffic (one going in and one going out) and each lane is equipped with an AutoVu Sharp ALPR camera, totaling 4 ALPR cameras.

Synergis™ and Omnicast™ are deployed at three locations, including the same two locations where the ALPR cameras are installed, as well as the Pearson International Airport location. Avis Budget Group invested in access control readers and video cameras which are also positioned at each lane of all three locations, to capture badge credentials and video footage of drivers and cars entering and exiting each facility.

The Solution

Secured Locations and Vehicles

The vehicle rental conglomerate has zero cars missing from their lots since the implementation of Security Center.

Instant Access to Evidence

The unified platform provides on-the-spot granted (or denied) access to drivers coming and going from each lot, and associates video and images for additional evidence.

Unified Security and Information

Every aspect of Avis’ security operations is consolidated under a single platform, from real-time monitoring to alarm management, reporting, and playback of events.

Improved Inventory Management

The number of cars parked at each location at any time can easily be tracked, allowing the effective dispatch of vehicles.

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