Sundsvall Timrå Airport on the north-eastern coast of Sweden always seeks to optimize its team’s efficiency. Using the unified security platform, Security Center, its team manages security and monitors alarms from multiple systems, all while handling other jobs in the airport.

The company

Big or small, all airports commit to providing the best service. It’s why regional airports like Sundsvall Timrå Airport on the north-eastern coast of Sweden always seek to optimize its team’s efficiency. The airport understands that when its staff can do more in less time, its 300,000 annual passengers will have a better and smoother experience from parking to gate.

The challenge

Each day, the same staff at Sundsvall Timrå Airport manage security, handle baggage, clean the terminal, de-ice planes and more. Furthermore, compliance regulations mandated by the European Union required two full-time guards to watch over the critical parts of security restricted areas (CRSA). The airport wanted a more advanced security solution to maximize resources and reduce costs.

“Security Center has been so critical to our team’s effectiveness. We are fully maximizing our resources to provide the best service to travelers.”


Maria Sundin, Chief Security Officer, Sundsvall Timrå Airport


After putting a business case together for unified security, the airport discovered that an advanced and open security platform capable of unifying video surveillance, intrusion detection and other systems could accommodate EU airport legislation and help their team save them time valued at $120,000 USD ($1.2 million SEK) per year.

Today, the team at Sundsvall Timrå Airport is managing just under 20 cameras within the Omnicast™ video surveillance system of Security Center. The video system is unified with third-party video analytics and intrusion detection solutions. Guards can acknowledge alarms, view video and quickly determine if it’s a false alarm or something that requires their immediate attention, from anywhere in the airport.

The Solution

Unified Security View

The Omnicast video surveillance system is unified with third-party video analytics and intrusion detection solutions, providing staff with complete visibility of the airport terminal, gates and perimeter.

Mobile Security Monitoring

Guards are alerted to security issues on their phone. The team uses the Security Center Mobile App to oversee security as they move through the airport, handling their many responsibilities.

Easy Map Navigation

With the Plan Manager map interface, guards can easily locate devices, change cameras’ field-of-views, monitor alarms and ensure devices are online.

Ready for Growth

With the flexible and open platform, Sundsvall is planning to upgrade to the Synergis access control system, add more cameras and integrate other devices such as body and baggage scanners.

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