Twickenham Stadium, the headquarters of the Rugby Football Union (RFU), was selected as the host nation of the Rugby World Cup 2015. To secure the event, the Twickenham Stadium organizers turned to the unified IP security platform, Genetec Security Center.

The company

Located just 16km southwest of the center of London, England, Twickenham Stadium is the Home of England and the headquarters of the Rugby Football Union (RFU). Twickenham’s 82,500 seating capacity makes it the second largest stadium in the United Kingdom, and fourth largest in Europe. It is the world’s largest stadium entirely dedicated to rugby. The venue hosts all of England's home test rugby matches and many other high-profile rugby events and concerts for renowned international artists.

The challenge

After the award as host nation of the Rugby World Cup in 2015, Twickenham decided that it was time to modernize its video and access control security systems. They wanted security solution that offered advanced functionality and an open architecture which would allow for uninhibited growth. They also needed security software that would be easy-to-use and provide reliable, and higher resolution video to help the security team identify any suspects and see clearer details within the stadium environment.

“I can’t recommend Vindex Systems and Genetec highly enough. They have an open-minded, friendly and helpful approach, which has been refreshing.”


Phil Parker, Head of Security, RFU (Rugby Football Union)


Twickenham planned a phased implementation of Security Center. 110 cameras are now managed from the Omnicast IP video surveillance system. Twickenham kept most of their analogue cameras by using IP encoders, and added some new IP cameras. They also added doors onto the Synergis access control system of Security Center and unified a Digital Barriers analytics system within Security Center to monitor virtual tripwires along the fenced perimeter.

According to Phil Parker, Head of Security at the RFU, “With Security Center, our operators are better equipped to handle potential security breaches. If someone tries to climb the fence, or open a door, our operators know about it immediately. They also don’t have to monitor a variety of different applications like before. The system alarms and the associated video comes through one platform which makes the whole response process more efficient.”

The Solution

High Resolution Video Evidence

The quality of the video has been far superior than before. Operators can pull up video, magnify part of the frame, and dig deeper into a scene, which gives them a much better perspective.

Tools for Heightened Response

The Threat Level Management feature has been programmed for match-day activity, presenting operators with the specific tools required to monitor the stadium and respond to events.

Easy Stadium Navigation

Operators navigate the stadium using the map interface, Plan Manager, to quickly locate cameras, respond to alarms and check door statuses. They are empowered to make better decisions.

Confidence in the Open Architecture

The security team is confident that if an interesting new technology comes onto the market, Genetec would ensure access its capabilities. This was a main selling point for the RFU.

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