To enhance campus life, the University of Hull in the United Kingdom continues to upgrade its security. The security team now monitor 317 doors and 225 cameras from a central control room using the Security Center platform.

The company

Every student wants to enjoy a safe and vibrant campus life. That’s why the University of Hull in the United Kingdom continues to upgrade its security. With over 30 buildings on two campuses, the University knows that when its students and staff safely move from the classroom and the library, to the sports complex and the dorms, they’re able to focus on what matters most – getting good grades and enjoying life. And, that creates a dynamic university experience that keeps everyone happy and enrollment up.

The challenge

A while back, the University of Hull began its migration to IP security by implementing the Genetec™ Omnicast™ video surveillance system. Years later, a failing mag-striped access control system became the focus. The technology was outdated so acquiring replacement parts became difficult and expensive. The team wanted an access control system that they could expand slowly. They also wanted an open system, so they could choose their own hardware, keep costs down, and add new applications to enhance the campus experience.

“[SecurityCenter] has enhanced our campus experience, giving staff, students and guests the freedom to enjoy everything our university has to offer. And that’s what securing our campus is all about.”


Gary Moore, Platform Services, ICT Department, University of Hull


Getting around campus is a breeze. The University of Hull has upgraded a total of 317 doors to the Synergis™ IP access control system of Security Center. The security team monitors these doors and 225 cameras using the unified platform, all from a central control room. Facilities, Human Resources, and Student Administration departments handle most access control tasks, including requests from over 50,000 cardholders.

Support for HID Mobile Access credentials means that students can get into their dorm using their phone. The enrollment process has also been simplified using Security Center. A custom integration ensures student records information is synced in real-time and privileges are quickly assigned. This helps the university enhance campus security and better manage resources for students in specific programs or independent researchers.

The Solution

Affordable Access Control

To keep costs down, the University implemented the Synergis Cloud Link. The intelligent IP controller supports non-proprietary access control devices, minimizing cabling and labour costs.

Mobile Access to Student Dorms

Support for HID Mobile Access credentials means that students no longer fuss with cards to get into their dorms. The secure application lets student unlock a door with their phone.

Speedy Student Enrollment

Issuing cards to 8000 students each semester is efficient. Cardholder information is synced between Security Center and a student records system and group privileges are quickly assigned.

Easy Visitor Management

Staff issue temporary cards to conference attendees, researchers or contractors. “It’s given our visitors the freedom to roam without putting our assets or people at risk,” said Moore.

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